Local Business

Fuloop provides local business owners the ability to easily promote their businesses to customer while providing local consumer access to gamified shopping experience while they’re on the go.

Create exposure & Reach more customer on the go
Deliver content to target audience
Advertise at low cost & Gain access to full support
Increase online presence


With Fuloop, customer are always in the loop of what's happening based on location. Not only customer is able to conveniently search for location based promotional offers and nearby products or services, they can earn discount and loyalty points for shopping at the places they love.

Easily search for local deals
Share great experience with friends & family
Stay connected in the community
Earn rewards through loyalty program while shopping


Fuloop is the City Guide for local community. It creates exposure for local businesses while bringing customer the best deals, promotions and great events.

Simplified process made for first time users
Tool for local business to boost sales
Keep customer in the loop